Texas Holdem – A Successful Strategy For Easy Risk Free Cash

Don’t make the mistake of missing out on this great Texas Holdem successful strategy. It’s easy to learn and implement and best of all, it works!

There are almost unlimited Texas Holdem strategies. Unfortunately, not all of them turn out to be a successful strategy. I’m going to explain what I think is one of the best ways to make easy, practically risk free cash playing Texas Holdem

We’re Gonna Cut Straight To The Successful Strategy

I’m going to skip all the basics and cut right to the chase. Just in case you need to know, you need to do or have done the following things first

– Know the rules of Texas Holdem
– Have player before and understand the game
– Have an online casino account  or get free spins
– Put money into your bankroll
– Know how to sit at a table and play
– Know all the buttons to bet and fold etc.
– Know which tables you will play at (I suggest $1/$2 tables)

A Really Successful Strategy For Texas Holdem

The strategy I suggest you use if you want easy success is a TAG strategy, or a tight aggressive strategy. What this strategy entails is playing a tight game and betting aggressively.

Playing tight means that you only play good hole cards. For example, A-A,A-K,K-K,A-Q,K-Q and we go down the list. The lower you go down the list the less pure chance/probability you will have of winning based on ‘all things are equal’. Although this doesn’t give a real indication of if you will actually win or not (especially at high level play) it is still pretty good, all things being equal.

Playing aggressive means that you bet lots and bet big. You raise and will re-raise others raises. Aggressive players don’t check. The reason this works well is because it gives the indication that you have good cards. Also, people are hesitant to go into a pot they know will be large if they don’t have a very good hand. In short, this weeds out the bluffers and semi-bluffers, aka loose players.

Why This Is Such A Successful Strategy

1) It works well online because the speed of the game is faster. You get dealt more hands per hour. This way you can ‘afford’ to play tighter because you’re not losing so much time when you fold hand after hand. The cards that you want (great/strong cards) will come more often than if you were playing in a casino. This isn’t the best strategy for a casino because it’s too slow. More details here: https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-basic-winning-strategies-in-Texas-Hold-em

2) It reduces you risk as much as possible because you are only playing very strong cards. Of course, if you don’t hit on the flop you essentially don’t have anything, but this is the same no matter what cards you play. The idea is that with traditional odds you have a better chance of winning. I’d rather that over a worse chance of winning.

3) It increases you wins and your profits because you are playing aggressive. You chock the pot up with your bets. Other players will fold more often because they know they need premium cards and have to put up a bunch of money to even take you on. Don’t be surprised if it gets to the point that everyone just folds because you are in the pot. This is OK because you will get their blinds. So, try today and you my win free spins.