Yesterday I went on a shopping spree.  For the first time in ages I treated myself to something I wanted instead of needed.  Usually when I shop, it’s for others and I’m buying what they need.  Rarely did I ever indulge myself and buy something just for me.  And in truth, I really needed these items this time; it was high time I got a decent classic fitted suit rather than one off the rack from the department store.  And I was entitled to a good overcoat so I could stand off the chills this coming winter.  But I also wanted to be wearing something that looked classy.  So when I saw that Charles Tyrwhitt ad offering 4 men’s 100% cotton shirts for $199, I decided to act.  Honestly, it felt like I was getting four free spins in a game.


And since I knew I could use a Groupon promo code to save up to 70% on Tyrwhitt’s summer sale, it was ridiculous for me not to take advantage of this rare opportunity.  So that was how the whole thing started, over a bunch of shirts.  Because, as I selected the shirts and picked the sizes, colors and patterns, I realized the shirts wouldn’t look right paired with those two-year-old trousers I wore.  So I picked out two new pairs that would go perfectly with the shirts.  And while picking them out I saw a perfect sports jacket and sweater.  So I added them to my list as well; then prepared to finalize my order and pay.  But while looking up the Groupon promo code number I was reminded that with fall I’d need a decent overcoat.  So I went back to look at their overcoats, and saw a classic navy wool and cashmere overcoat.  I couldn’t be getting a flu shot yet pass up a quality overcoat like that!  And since I’d gone that far, I picked out a suit that would match the shirts.  Of course, I also needed a good tie, socks and shoes to complete the wardrobe. 


To sum it up, what started with four shirts ended as a complete new fall wardrobe!  But believe me when I say it was worth it.  And when it was delivered I was practically giddy with delight.  Charles Tyrwhitt and Groupon combined to get me looking good for this fall season.